About Nick

Recently, I have had some time to reflect on my life, and what I want it to be about.

I have had general aspirations to "make a difference" but it was clear that I needed to bring some more coherence to this sentiment.

I am hoping that the Our Better Selves philosophy is the vehicle for this coherence. While it is simple, it is a worthwhile starting point for which to build a life of purpose and impact.

In exporting this vision in a myriad of ways, I hope that I will have found the vehicle for the change I seek in this world: aligning my life (and others) to maximize service and positive impact.

I am excited for this journey, and hope to meet you along the way!

For more about me, check out my social media accounts below (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), and stay tuned for more from me directly. To help support my journey, please visit SUPPORT NICK