Our Better Selves: What is it?

**This is based on the original launch of Our Better Selves, and there have been some updates since. Feel free to review this to get a sense of what we do, but stay tuned as we continue to update the website.*

What is it?

What is Our Better Selves? At its simplest, the vision of Our Better Selves is to empower thousands of people to live more prosperous, healthy and happy lives: in other words, living their better selves. Fundamentally, Our Better Selves is a personal philosophy encapsulating a drive to make the world a better place. In order to realise the vision, we need to include others. We will also lean on the values of Integrity, Sustainability, Innovation, and Collaboration: each equally important, and interdependent. 

However, this is not merely a focus on individuals or small groups. A critical nuance to the Our Better Selves philosophy is that a narrow focus on the individual to the exclusion of others is detrimental to the approach. Instead, Our Better Selves will always focus on supporting and empowering individuals in the context of their influence on their broader community: seeking to find synergies and win-win outcomes. Our methodologies are diverse, and while we experiment and innovate, we ground our approaches in the best available practices and research.

In applying this philosophy we are building something from the ground up with an ambitious vision accomplished through sound and principled means. We will endeavour to live our values everyday such that we will continue to progress and stay true to the vision, even when we fall short of our ambitions.

What is the focus right now?

This is going to be a very organic and iterative journey. We will see what works, what experiments pan out, and what ultimately falls by the wayside. To start, the focus will be on three main areas:

1)      Better Thinking

2)      Better Self

3)      Better Partners

Better Self (with the use of Personal Strategy) is focused on actively helping individuals understand their current situation, and creating a viable, unique and sustainable path of personal change toward their better selves. There are a variety of approaches, and all of them are grounded in the fundamental values of Our Better Selves. Our motivation is a belief that tapping individuals’ potential with our approach will unlock so much more for the world around them. We are open to helping anyone and everyone that we can, but our main outreach at the moment is with young leaders and young professionals.

Better Thinking (through writing and content creation) serves a variety of purposes, and will evolve over time. For now, the main purpose is articulating what Our Better Selves means to everyone (and embracing the implied intellectual journey). We hope to add contributors to this work over time (are you interested? Click here).

Lastly, Better Partners (through collaboration and diverse partnerships) is probably the most open ended area and there is a reason for this. The work in this area is driven by the ongoing conversations and engagements with others as the philosophy is shared more broadly. At its core though, this area is focused on finding ways to drive the vision using our values, without trying to re-invent the wheel. There are plenty of people and organizations out there doing amazing things that could use a bit of help to bring them to the next level. We internalize the notion that the long-term success of Our Better Selves is contingent upon broad coalitions and engagements, and their different temperaments, talents, and convictions.

Is Our Better Selves a business?

As mentioned, Our Better Selves is a personal philosophy to change the world. There is much more thinking behind its development than what has been released to date. However, it should be clear that profit will be part of the equation in the sharing of this philosophy.

While not everything will be designed to make a profit, this is a for-profit endeavour for a few reasons:

1) So that more dedicated time and energy can be put into it

2) In order for the philosophy to make a sustainable impact over the long-term, and

3) To help show the way for more for-profit businesses that principled-based profit-seeking enterprise is not only viable but also extremely successful in our modern society.

Now What?

So here we stand ready to hear from you. Specifically we are looking for:

1)      Your Feedback: we want to hear your thoughts and critiques, excitement and trepidations, and your ideas and feedback. All of it is welcome – in fact, it's integral to our growth.

2)      Your Referrals and Collaborations: if you want to chat more about personal strategy, or some other way that you think we can find a win-win outcome (driving this vision while helping you), we want to hear from you! From your professional services to your philanthropic work, we want to hear it all if it aligns with the vision.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. This is a modest but exciting first step, and we look forward to hearing what you all think. We want to bring this vision to life, and hope that you stay tuned as it continues to progress.